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We are currently occulted from view. Behind the scenes, we are working to secure copyrights, register with ASCAP, and studying all aspects of licensing. When we feel we have that knowledge under our belts we shall come out of hiding and put our treasures on display. Until then, you have my contact information. I use Facebook to talk to close friends and family members. I use GAB as my primary social media place - because Twitter undermined my business with its illegal practice of unAmerican shadowbanning.

Censorship is a vile evil.
Only Authoritarians and Communists use it as a tool.

As an artist, I do not allow my voice to be silenced. I urge you to dump Twitter. Twitter is the new MySpace, a hollow and empty place where real ideas and speech are lost! I am closely watching Facebook to see if they too are going down the Leftist communist road. If there was a valid alternative to Facebook I would drop them, as if they were... the plague.

Be careful Americans, the Internet is not safe. Not at all.

Plague of Smiles LLC
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Kenneth David Bryon Webber

Kenneth David Bryon Webber
Plague of Smiles

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This website and all it's art, music, video, and design are copyright © 2000-2018 by Artist and Musician Ken D. Webber; All Rights Reserved. TRUTH ™ Line of Signature Guitars and MAAT ™ Pyramidal Stacking Amps created by Ken D. Webber copyright © 2000-2017; All Rights Reserved. Plague of Smiles LLC ™ is an Art/Music Publishing Company whose PRO is ASCAP. To avoid any copyright litigation we refuse to listen to or view any submitted material, it goes directly into the trashcan, and will not be returned. Do NOT under any circumstances send us artistic material for consideration!